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FRNKIE, a talented producer captivating the music world, embarked on his journey in the underground scene of his hometown Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where he fell in love with sound at a young age. Armed with a modest home studio and boundless curiosity, he began experimenting with tones and rhythms. His perseverance and unique approach quickly caught attention, resulting in remarkable mixtapes and a growing local fanbase.

At the tender age of 16, FRNKIE achieved his first gold record in collaboration with Jonna Fraser, a feat that early on affirmed his immense talent. FRNKIE’s remarkable skills were further acknowledged when he received a Grammy nomination for his work on the album “Music is the weapon”, by Major Lazer. This pivotal moment solidified his position as an innovative force in the industry. Over the years, he continued to refine his craft, creating a distinctive musical style that remains both visionary and immersive. His trajectory from grassroots to the forefront of the electronic music scene attests to his passion, undeniable talent, and the well-deserved recognition he has garnered.

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