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The SOUND OF LOVE is a stage-act with a dj and several live musicians that celebrate 3 decades of dance and house music. Uplifting and feelgood dance music brought to you by the best Dutch residents of Hedkandi, Ministry Of Sound and Escape Venue Amsterdam. They know how to entertain all kinds of crowds. The SOUND OF LOVE consist of dj/producer Miss Sugaware, vocalist MC Choral, B on Drums and Co Star on saxophone and several guest performers.

The Sound Of Love celebrates two decades of uplifting feelgood house music. Sing-a-long house songs brought to you by well-known DJ’s, talented live musicians in combination with entertainment and visuals. What started in 1999 as a club night in Amsterdam’s center evolved into significant events and festival hostings. The Sound Of Love is now a monthly podcast, a record label, an event, but also a live act that can bring a club or festival show to your event. Having some of the best national & international ambassadors of House perform at multiple ‘Sound of Love’ events; artists like Derrick Carter, DJ Gregory, DJ Sneak, Kevin Saunderson, Benny Rodrigues, ROOG, Erick E, and more recently Sander Kleinenberg.

Sound Of Love live is also a stage act that contains all the best sing-a-long house tracks of the last two decades brought by highly experienced musicians. As residents of significant concepts and clubs like Hedkandi, Ministry Of Sound, and Escape Amsterdam, they know how to entertain a big crowd. Sound Of Love consists of DJ/producer Miss Sugaware combined with live musicians MC Choral, Ace on Sax, B on Drums, and several guest performers. The act also includes dancers, visuals, and special effects. It is our dedication to the world of house music. The act can easily be transformed from a festival’s primary stage performance to an intimate dinner show experience.

An audiovisual trip down to memory lane with 2 decades of sing-along house songs brought to you by highly experienced performers.

This is the Sound Of Love.

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