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Frank In Person is still one of the best-kept secrets from the Netherlands, but, the way things are going, not for much longer…. At present, he is the most convincing Sinatra impersonator around, bar none. His strong stage presence, warm voice and quasi-nonchalant timing all help create the impression that The Voice is still very much alive.

In fact, Frank In Person’s singing so closely resembles that of Ol’ Blue Eyes that many critics initially wonder whether the Dutch performer is lip-syncing to old Sinatra recordings …. But rest assured that it’s always him singing and always doing so 100 percent live! To remove any lingering doubts, Frank In Person customarily renders part of a song without a backing track (pre-recorded instrumental music) or a live big band. Trombonist Cliff Stark – who used to accompany Sinatra in Las Vegas – recently paid him the biggest compliment imaginable, “This Dutch singer is amazing! That’s as close as anything I’ve ever heard!”

Frank In Person began by playing the clubs in Rotterdam, building up his reputation and becoming a much sought-after entertainer in the rest of the Netherlands. His act is ideally suited for corporate events, congresses, gala dinners and the like. In one of his highlights, Frank In Person, accompanied by the Thema big band, kicked off the Dutch version of the immensely popular Idols TV program. Ever since, the singer has been a regular on the Dutch talk show circuit. And now audiences in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have discovered him as well, with the rest of the world beckoning.

Critics are quoting Sinatra to describe what the future holds for the Dutchman, “The best is yet to come!” Sadly, no force on earth can bring back The Voice. But clearly, the next best thing is to listen to Frank In Person in full flow, as he manages to win over existing Sinatra fans and create many new ones.

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