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Welcome DJ Rose!

Her flirtatious sound is a mix of driving (tech) House music; uplifting and energetic. This is a statement for passion & ability to set the roof on fire, creating an energy that captivates. Her excellent DJ sets have made her position a highly respected name in the scene.

Her impressive podcasts ‘House of Roses’ are frequently online. ‘House Of Roses’ is a musical trip with her favourite tracks of the moment.

With her recent releases ‘My World Comes Alive’ and ‘Oh Please’ on SIMMA Black and the upcoming stage hosting of ‘House of Roses’ at Ultrasonic Festival on July 13, Rose is more than ready to share her music and passion with you.

DJ Rose is now exclusively available for bookings at AT Bookings!


Gepubliceerd op: 02-07-2019

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